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Story about why BEYONCE & KIM KARDASHIAN have "Tense Relationship" is ma...

Story about why BEYONCE & KIM KARDASHIAN have "Tense Relationship" is made-up? | Hollywood Stars
A new story claiming to supposedly know why Beyonce jay z “doesn’t vibe” with Kim Kardashian and the reason the two have a “tense relationship” is simply made-up. kim kardashian mexico pictures. The wholly manufactured article was cooked up by none other than HollywoodLife, a site so known for it fabrications that it’s often referred to as HollywoodLies. In fact, at the end of its latest report, the often discredited outlet asks, “Did they get along when they found themselves together” at Serena Williams’ wedding on Thursday, before adding, “And if so, what did they talk about? We have to know”

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